Sardinia to establish closer relations with PAM and its Mediterranean network

Sardinia to establish closer relations with PAM and its Mediterranean network
PAM Secretary General, Ambassador Sergio Piazzi, accompanied by Senior Adviser Professor Vincenzo Piras, paid a courtesy visit to the Presidents of the Regional Government and the Regional Assembly of Sardinia, who had expressed their intention to host the 15th PAM Plenary Session. 
In Cagliari, high-level meetings were held with the President of the Regional Government, Dr. Christian Solinas, the President of the Regional Assembly, Dr. Michele Pais, and the Mayor of Cagliari, Dr. Paolo Truzzu, to consider the invitation by Regione Sardegna to host, in 2021, the PAM Plenary Session, under the auspices of the Italian Parliament, and as already done ten years earlier, in 2011, by Regione Sicilia for the 4th PAM Plenary Session. 
Dr. Pais, echoing his colleagues and thanking for the attention PAM reserved to Sardinia, stated that his island can be the crossroads of exchanges and flows between the 34 PAM Member States, especially thanks to its geographic position. He added “We are proud that PAM is interested at organizing the main 2021 parliamentary conference of the Euro-Mediterranean region in Sardinia.” Dr. Pais further stressed that “Today’s meeting has been the first step of a constant and prosperous collaboration which will strengthen the bond between Sardinia and all Mediterranean countries. Sardinia strongly believe in peace and people collaboration and brotherhood because only unity can build the foundations for a more peaceful future and create economic and spiritual wellbeing.”
On his side, Amb. Piazzi introduced to his hosts PAM’s main activities and its special focus on economic, political and social cooperation to allow Member States to find common solutions to assure long-lasting peace and prosperity for all Mediterranean populations. 
Additional activities in Cagliari also included meetings with the Rector of the University, the President of the Federation of Industry and of the Chamber of Commerce.//
issued on 25.09.2019
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