Sen. Carlotti: “Our Priority is to save lives” at UN preparatory meeting of COP26

Sen. Carlotti: “Our Priority is to save lives” at UN preparatory meeting of COP26

On 28 September 2021, in preparation for the COP26 in Glasgow, the UN Network on Migrations organized a consultation with Stakeholders and Civil Society on Climate Change and Migration (Thematic priority 4). Over 110 delegates attended the event.

Sen. Marie-Arlette Carlotti (France), representing PAM, underlined that the Mediterranean region is a critical “hot-spot” for both climate change and mass migrations. She lamented the great number of lives lost at sea due to dangerous illegal migrations’ routes, whether for political or economic reasons. 

Sen. Carlotti explained that by 2050 it is expected an increase of 2.5 degrees Celsius, which would translate into a fall of up to 30% of the crop yields in the MENA region. Sen. Carlotti also stressed that this scenario could lead to even larger movements of population within or toward the Mediterranean region. 

She recalled that the UN Secretary General had recently declared that humanity is on the eve of a major catastrophe, and that PAM’s latest resolutions are equally alarmist. She urged governments to make the COP 26 in Glasgow a success by adhering to their commitments as set in the Paris Agreement. She stressed that PAM will be present in Glasgow and will make its voice heard loudly. 

Sen. Carlotti also explained that PAM has, since a meeting in Monaco in 2008, actively called for the recognition of the concept of climate refugee into international law. Participants agreed that the international community has still not properly addressed this issue. Environmental migration should be urgently and more systematically addressed by all the stakeholders, through a human rights and children sensitive approach. 

During the UN-led consultation on Climate Change and Migration, PAM reaffirmed its role as a model forum for inter-parliamentary dialogue to foster sustainable solutions. While the COP26 is vital, it is just one entry point. How to give a voice to migrants indeed remains a collective challenge.  PAM is equally looking forward to the upcoming consultations of the Global Compact on Migration Review Forum. //


Media Information: No. 48/2021

Issued on: 01/10/2021


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