PAM supports the establishment of the International Forum on Global Health

PAM supports the establishment of the International Forum on Global Health

On 28 September 2021, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) actively participated in the official launch of the International Forum on Global Health, co-organized by the UNITE Network to end infectious diseases (unitenetwork.org) and the Parliamentary Network of the World Bank and the IMF. The virtual ceremony was attended by more than 70 participants.

PAM was represented by Hon Sandrine Mörch, France, President of the PAM 3rd Standing Committee. She welcomed the launch of the Forum, as well as the initiative to associate Members of Parliaments to the fight against infectious diseases. She added that it is imperative for MPs to continue discuss universal health coverage, as a means to build peaceful societies, eradicate extreme poverty and to leave no one behind.

Hon. Mörch underlined that PAM, from the very start of the COVID-19 pandemic, had been extremely active in circulating the latest information, notably from WHO, on the disease itself and on vaccine strategies. Hon. Mörch stated: “This is the strength of our parliamentary platform - the sharing of verified information and the exchange of good practices and lessons learned.”

She also stressed the need, particularly in these exceptional situations, to pay special attention to the mental health of children, especially from disadvantaged background.     

A joint declaration by the Parliamentary Networks on Health is being prepared with the aim to be signed at the UNITE December 2021 Summit.

With its active participation at this event, PAM reaffirms its role as a key parliamentary stakeholder in the post- Covid health crisis in the Euro-Mediterranean and Gulf regions.

In November, PAM and UNITE will sign an MoU to join forces and structure cooperation on all the issues debated at the launch of the International Forum on Global Health.//


Media Information: No. 47/2021

Issued on: 30/09/2021


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