PAM joins military and academic experts in discussion on security of the Eastern Mediterranean

On 8 July 2021, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) participated in the virtual event entitled “new Directions in the Eastern Mediterranean. Actors, Threats and Alliances” organized by the George C. Marshall European Centre for Security Studies, a joint Centre of the US Department of Defense and German Ministry of Defense.


The event gathered top experts from NATO, academia, think tanks, and civil society. The discussion focused on the dynamics of the Eastern Mediterranean region, including geo-politics, alliances and disputes, issues of sovereignty, exploitation of natural resources and energy security.


Amb. Sergio Piazzi, on behalf of PAM, featured as one of the keynote speaker in the first panel. His contribution focused on the role of parliamentary diplomacy, as exercised by PAM, as an indispensable tool in this complex region, which contributes to flexible political dialogue aimed at de-escalation, peace and stability. He recalled that at PAM the countries of the Euro-Mediterranean and Gulf regions all sit together at the same table, despite any differences, and work on constructive solutions to common challenges including security issues, counterterrorism, humanitarian crises, and economic development.


His presentation highlighted some key priorities which have characterized the recent work of PAM, including the issue of ISIL survivors held in battlefield detention in Syria, the dialogue for a sustainable Two-State solution in the Middle East, the alarming deterioration of security in the Sahel, the support for the Libyan political process, and regional post-pandemic economic recovery among others.


The debate of the meeting focused on the changing energy sources in the Eastern Mediterranean over the last decade, which had a huge impact on relationships among regional and international actors. The debate further highlighted that an inclusive, open and comprehensive approach, with key involvement of EU and NATO, is needed to chart the political future of the Eastern Mediterranean area. Parliamentary diplomacy, and PAM in particular, will have a key role to play in this effort.//


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Issed On  11/07/2021

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