Interns at PAM for a Mediterranean Experience

To date as of November 2013, PAM has hosted over 20 interns of various nationalities, ranging from US citizens to Italians, French, Belgians, Moroccans, Palestinians, French-Tunisians, Germans and Maltese. Most of the Europeans have come through the EU funded Leonardo programme or other Regional Funding Schemes. Others have undertaken an internship at PAM as part of their Post-Graduate studies, which were funded by the European Union, National Funding Mechanisms and the PAM Scholarship. Internships have varied from a minimum of three months to over one year.

They have all positively contributed to PAM’s activities and in order to enable them to acquire the highest benefit out of their stay at PAM’s policy is to integrate them, as much as possible, in the work routine of the Assembly. Therefore assignments included assistance with the organization of conference and events, administration, legal issues, public information and communication.

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