3rd SC - PAM Academic Platform

Origin and Objectives

PAM, as part of its role as the leading international parliamentary organization in the Mediterranean region, promoting cooperation and dialogue among Member States, has established an Academic Platform with the aim to facilitate interaction among key actors in the fields of higher education and research. These include national parliaments, universities, research centres and the productive sector.

Early in 2008, PAM adopted the “Fez Programme”, which builds on a series of activities in the field of higher education aimed at fostering mutual cooperation and understanding amongst PAM Member States as a whole region. It envisages, inter alia, the organization of meetings between PAM MPs, the productive sector, professors, researchers and students.

The PAM Academic Platform is a mechanism, which gathers, around the same table, stakeholders of different sectors, who can benefit from each other’s expertise in a goal-oriented manner, with the purpose of providing MPs with the state of the art information on key issues and, on the other hand, provide Academia and the productive sector with direct access to decision makers.

The PAM Academic Platform promotes knowledge transfer within the region with the following objectives:

  • Creation of a regional knowledge exchange mechanism;
  • Stimulation of regional cooperation among parliamentarians, Academia, and productive sector representatives;
  • Facilitate mobility for professors and students in the Mediterranean region;
  • Offer a hub enabling stakeholders to draw upon top expertise for activities on specific topics;
  • Identify stakeholders’ areas of excellence

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