PAM President 2013-2014

Senator Francesco Maria Amoruso

Francesco M. Amoruso, born on 1 August 1956 in Bisceglie (Bari), graduated in Political Science and from his youth he has been actively engaged in social and political affairs. He is a member of the "People of Freedom" party, for which he is the Regional Coordinator in Puglia.

He formerly served as town councillor at Bisceglie and was the first regional coordinator of the National Alliance party in Puglia. He has been a MP since 1994, when he was elected for the first time to the Chamber of Deputies. In subsequent elections, in 1996, 2001 and 2006 he was re-elected to the Chamber of Deputies. In 2008 and in 2013, following his election in Puglia, he took his seat in the Senate.

With the sole exception of the period 2006-08, he always sat on the Foreign Affairs Committee of both the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate. He has also served as:

- Chairperson of the Committee for Italians Abroad;

- Member of the Parliamentary Committee for Oversight of the Enforcement of the Schengen Agreement, Europol Activities and Immigration Affairs;

- Member of the Parliamentary Delegation to the Council of Europe and the Assembly of the Western European Union;

- Member of the Italian delegation to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

He also served as Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee for Oversight of Social Security Agencies (2001-06), Deputy Chairperson of the Chamber of Deputies’ Committee on Employment (2006-08) and Secretary MP of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Senate (2008-2013). In this capacity he has served as the Rapporteur for major bills ratifying international agreements.

In the current legislature of the Italian Senate he serves as Member of the Foreign Affairs Committee.

In 2009 he was appointed, upon designation of the Presidents of the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, member of the Italian Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM), within which he has held various positions, such as Chairperson of the Second Standing Committee on Economic, Social and Environmental Cooperation and Development. In this latter capacity he coordinated the PAM Working Group on the protection of the Mediterranean Sea in light of offshore oil exploration and drilling. He has attended all the plenary sessions and the meetings of the Second Standing Committee. As Vice President of the PAM, he tabled Bill No. 1571 on the establishment of a “Mediterranean Day” before the Italian Parliament.

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