2nd SC - PAM Panel on Trade and Investments in the Mediterranean

Origin and Objectives

The “PAM Panel on Trade and Investments in the Mediterranean” was launched in Lisbon, Portugal, on 27-28 May 2010, on the occasion of a special meeting hosted by the Portuguese parliament, following a request, made by several national delegations, for a stronger commitment from PAM on economic cooperation and integration in the region.

On the occasion of PAM 5th Plenary Session, held in Rabat, Morocco, on 28-30 October 2010, a report and a resolution endorsing the establishment of the PAM Panel were unanimously adopted.

The aim of the PAM Panel is to gather, around the same table, parliamentarians and representatives of the economic and financial sector (primarily investments promotion agencies, chambers of commerce, financial institutions, governmental bodies and agencies, business and consumers’ associations and international organisations), in order to assess, promote and support measures needed to contribute to economic progress and sustainable development, including through legislative action. The PAM Panel acts as a comprehensive and multidisciplinary group with the purpose of addressing common challenges, identifying obstacles and proposing concrete actions for the promotion and support of trade and investment of this region, with, amongst others, the following objectives:

  • Stimulate trade in the Mediterranean area and support the establishment of a Free Mediterranean Trade Zone
  • Sustain SMEs activities
  • Facilitate investments and access to finance
  • Promote job creation

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