The international Secretariat, an autonomous and independent body of the Assembly, assists and advises the PAM President, the PAM Bureau and all members in the execution of their mandate and is responsible for the follow-up on the decisions taken by the Assembly providing coordination, assistance and support to the work of the Committees and all other bodies established under PAM.

The Secretariat interacts with national delegations, as well as with regional and international bodies sharing an interest in the Euro-Mediterranean region. It has the mandate to stimulate the activities of the Assembly and also coordinates the awarding of the PAM Prize dedicated to individuals or institutions whose work is considered important for the Euro-Mediterranean region.

The Secretary General, assisted by international and local staff, directs the Secretariat and coordinates the activities of the Assembly. PAM has a decentralized structure with Permanent Observers to the UN in Geneva, New York and Vienna, a Liaison with UNSCO and UNIFIL in Jerusalem, a Representation to LAS in Cairo, a Regional Office and Research Centre in San Marino, and the administrative services in Switzerland.

Administration and Protocol Service
PAM Office – Geneva, Switzerland

PAM Regional Office - Palazzo PiCo,
Via Terracina, 230 – 80125 Naples, Italy

Tel: .+39 345 16 82 994.
Email: secretariat at pam dot int
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