PAM at Vienna Migration conference 2019 reiterates its commitment for the Global Compact

PAM at Vienna Migration conference 2019 reiterates its commitment for the Global Compact

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean actively participated at Vienna Migration Conference, held in Vienna on 21-22 November and organized by ICMPD. Entitled “Breaking the gridlock and moving forward: recommendations for the next five years of EU migration policy”, the conference aimed to progress the dialogue on migration policy in the next 5 years. 

The meeting was opened by ministers and state secretaries responsible for migration from Hungary, Malta, Turkey, Greece and Portugal and the discussion focused on the priorities and goals for sustainable and comprehensive European migration responses. The second day was opened by the Federal Minster of Austria and discussed the instruments needed for a comprehensive European migration governance system, as well as ways in which sustainable migration partnerships can be formed.

Hon. Yana Chiara Ehm, PAM Vice-President and President of the PAM 3rd Standing Committees on Human Rights and Dialogue among Civilizations, and Amb. Peter Schatzer, PAM Permanent Observer to the UN in Vienna, represented PAM at the event. 

Hon. Ehm in her statement highlighted the main causes of migration issues, which are affecting both the Mediterranean and Africa at large and, while recognizing many steps forward already done in the EU, she stressed that in order to address the challenge in a more effective way, countries of origin, transit and destination must work together. 

She further reiterated PAM’s commitment and efforts to effectively implement the Global Compact for Migration, and referred to a Resolution on this issue, unanimously adopted by the Assembly at its Plenary Session, held in Belgrade in 2019, as well as the PAM meeting on the link between security and populations movements, held in Ankara last June. PAM is now committed to hold a new meeting on migration, which will take place in Tangier, Morocco, in spring 2020. //


issued on 11/12/2019 

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