PAM and the Republic of San Marino sign an historic agreement

PAM and the Republic of San Marino sign an historic agreement

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) and the State Congress of the Republic of San Marino signed today the Host Country Agreement for the establishment of PAM Center for International Studies in the City of San Marino. The agreement was signed by Hon. Luca Beccari, Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs of the Republic of San Marino, and Amb. Sergio Piazzi, Secretary-General of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean.

As part of the decentralized network of offices and diplomatic missions of the Assembly, the decision to establish the Center was taken to consolidate the research activities and the related academic networking into one location. 

The Center will be hosted in "Villino Balsimelli" building, where PAM officers and researchers will work on the key priorities of the Assembly, including security and counter-terrorism, political cooperation, socio-economic integration, migration, climate change, human rights and intercultural dialogue, among others.  

The signing ceremony was followed by a public hearing hosted by the Captains Regent, H.E. Mr. Alessandro Cardelli and H.E. Mr. Mirko Dolcini, with the participation of the Secretaries of State for Internal Affairs, Hon. Elena Tonnini, for the Territory, Hon. Stefano Canti, for Labor, Hon. Teodoro Lonfernini, the Head of the San Marino Delegation to PAM, Hon. Francesco Mussoni, and members of the Delegation Hon. Adele Tonnini, Hon. Denise Bronzetti, and Hon. Matteo Ciacci. The Political Bureau of the Assembly was represented by Sen. Francesco Maria Amoruso, Hon. Yana Chiara Ehm, and Hon. Gennaro Migliore. 

Since its accession as Full Member PAM in 2018, the Parliament of San Marino has been a very active Member of the Assembly, committed to dialogue and cooperation aimed at peace and sustainable development. The establishment of the Center for International Studies represents a further step in the strategic contribution of San Marino to the common priorities of the Euro-Mediterranean and Gulf regions. 

The Center will produce high-level multidisciplinary research for the assessment, promotion and support of new legislative initiatives at national and regional levels to address the main priorities identified by the Member Parliaments of the Assembly. The geographical proximity of San Marino and Naples is strategic in maximizing coordination and cooperation between the PAM regional office responsible for programming and the newly established Center for International Studies. //


Issued on: 12/02/2021





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