PAM Strengthens Cooperation with Regional and Municipal Governments

PAM Strengthens Cooperation with Regional and Municipal Governments

On 15 May, PAM Secretary General held a Webinar meeting with the Mr. Frédéric Vallier, Secretary General of the Council of European Municipalities and Regions (CEMR), and Ms. Marlène Siméon, the Director of PLATFORMA, a pan-European coalition of towns and regions. 

The discussion focused on the consequences and the present phase of the COVID pandemic, and need to coordinate and harmonize the recovery approaches, which sees regional and local administrations at the forefront of action. Establishing a direct dialogue between local authorities and parliamentarians, at the regional Euro-Mediterranean level, is considered essential to promote a common understanding of critical issues that need to be addressed through coherent and complementary strategies, including sharing best experiences. 

The exchange of views touched upon several pressing challenges of common concern, notably the economic difficulties faced by vulnerable groups of the society and the most affected productive sectors, such as travel and tourism. The consultation also addressed the striking balance between freedom of movement and public health, the rise in domestic violence in the context of lockdown measures, national and regional socio-economic solidarity policies in times of crisis, multi-lateral and decentralized cooperation, and migrants and human rights. 

It was agreed that contributing to each other’s upcoming relevant activities and the organization of a joint-webinar in the coming weeks, would serve as the next steps in developing a fruitful partnership to bring together local administrations and parliamentarians for constructive dialogue in the PAM region.//


issued on 19/05/2020



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