PAM President supports the UN appeal for a global ceasefire

The President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, Hon. Karim Darwish, fully supports the appeal launched by the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres for an immediate global ceasefire, so that the international community can singularly focus on the fight against the spreading and impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

In particular, Hon. Darwish appeals for a complete and immediate ceasefire in our Mediterranean basin, for enhanced cooperation between Israel and Palestine and with other neighbouring countries, in order to counter the ongoing spread of coronavirus and allow health and other relevant authorities to respond to the unprecedented medical challenge posed by this pandemic.

As the UN chief pointed out, Covid-19 does not care about borders, nationality or ethnicity, nor other differences between people, and “attacks all, relentlessly”, including during wartime. 

It is the most vulnerable - women and children, people with disabilities, the marginalized, displaced and refugees - who pay the highest price during conflict, and who are most at risk of suffering “devastating losses” from this pandemic.

PAM stands ready to assist the UNSG special envoys for their individual efforts in the countries of responsibility, and who will now seek to ensure this global appeal is be heard and followed.//

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