PAM and UNCTAD strengthen partnership at the High-Level IIA Conference

PAM and UNCTAD strengthen partnership at the High-Level IIA Conference

On 13 November, Ambassador Gerhard Putman-Cramer, PAM Permanent Observer to the United Nations in Geneva, represented the Assembly at the UNCTAD High-Level International Investments Agreements (IIA) Conference in Geneva.

Representatives of States, intergovernmental organizations and important stakeholders gathered to analyse the IIA process reforms, identify lessons learned and pave the way for future action. The aim of IIA reforms is to include a sustainable development dimension in the process, while modernizing old-generation treaties. 

Ambassador Putman-Cramer addressed the session dedicated to the impact of the multilateral processes on IIA reforms, stressing the importance and the unique role of the PAM Panel on Trade and Investments in the Mediterranean. This is a parliamentary platform dedicated to identify legislative measures needed to contribute to economic progress and sustainable development, and to propose concrete actions for the promotion and support of trade and investments of the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Ambassador Putman-Cramer presented the outcomes of the recent PAM meeting on “Alternative Capital Market for Economic Growth in the Mediterranean”. The seminar, which focussed on the promotion and legislative facilitation of investments in the region, was hosted by the Italian Stock Exchange, in Milan last July. UNCTAD played a major role in the event. On that occasion, participants agreed on the establishment of a specific mechanism bringing together entrepreneurs and investors from the Euro-Mediterranean region that would identify concrete opportunities for funding of start-ups and incubators, along with  tailored training for entrepreneurs. 

Ambassador Putman-Cramer, reaffirming the central role of UNCTAD as a key partner for PAM, proposed to better structure the existing cooperation through the signature of a MoU. He also referred to the 2020 World Investment Forum (WIF), to be held in the United Arab Emirates, as a first cornerstone of such new partnership. The proposal was welcomed by all national delegations and PAM will follow up with UNCTAD its implementation.//


issued on 11/12/2019

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