A successful partnership towards a peaceful Euro-Mediterranean region
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean warmly welcomes the election of Dr. Askin Asan, former PAM Vice-President, as a member of the Group of Experts on Action against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (GREVIO), by the State parties to the Council of Europe’s Istanbul Convention, and that of Prof. Vasilka Sancin, as member of the UN Human Rights Committee.
As PAM’s Vice-President, Dr. Askin Asan, dealt with national legislations to uphold women’s rights, being committed to their harmonization within the Euro-Mediterranean region, as well as to the legislative implementation of those crucial regulations required to prosecute and combat domestic violence. 
Moreover, during her mandate at the Grand National Assembly, Dr Asan also served as Head of the Turkish delegation to PAM, making remarkable efforts to ensure better protection, especially of vulnerable groups such as women, by increasing transparency and accountability for States’ Human Rights obligations. 
Prof. Sancin, as Senior Advisor of the PAM Academic Platform, greatly contributed to the works of the Assembly in the field of protection of cultural heritage, especially during the peak of mass destruction of cultural heritage perpetrated by ISIS over the past years, as it happened in Palmira. 
Having an extensive experience as Director of the Institute for International Law and International Relations at the University of Lubljana (Slovenia), Prof Sancin’s insights and exceptional knowledge are crucial for the PAM Academic Platform, to which she concretely provides an excellent support. 
Remarkable was her presentation addressed to the PAM international seminar on “The Protection of World Cultural Heritage Threatened with Destruction”, held in Rabat, Morocco, in 2015, which focused on specific international instruments available to member states to prevent the destruction and plundering of historical sites. 
PAM wishes them success in carrying out these important mandates and looks forward to welcome their contributions in addressing the challenges the Euro-Mediterranean region is facing. 
issued on 29.04.2019
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