Entry into force of the UN Convention on cluster munitions

On the occasion of the presentation of the 30th instruments of ratification for the Convention on Cluster munitions to the United Nations, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) calls on all its member states to become party to the Convention.
PAM welcomes the fact that the Convention’s entry into force just two years after its adoption, shows the sense of collective revulsion at the consequences of these destructive weapons and is determined to support and promote it in its international endeavours.
“Parliaments have a duty towards the safety and security of their citizens. While, by principle, one should renounce to all forms of armed conflicts, the introduction of the convention on cluster munitions in the global disarmament agenda, is yet another source of mitigation of the post-conflict suffering, especially caused to civilians and children”, commented PAM Secretary General, Dr. Sergio Piazzi.
Through the 1st Standing Committee on Political and Security-related Cooperation PAM will continue to address these issues at the debates between parliamentarians from PAM member states of the Mediterranean region.
The convention will enter into force on 1 August 2010.

ISSUED ON: 18.02.2010

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