PAM assisting UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in establishing closer relations with parliaments

PAM assisting UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in establishing closer relations with parliaments
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) was among the main organisations addressing the conference dedicated to “Human Rights, in particular the transition from the Helsinki agreement to the present international scenario”, organized by the Italian Helsinki Committee/Italian federation for human rights and hosted by the Italian Chamber of Deputies, on 19 December 2017.
The event, , highlighted the need for a comprehensive and regional approach to the promotion and support of human rights in the Mediterranean region, as well as the need for a direct involvement of national and international parliaments in the oversight of government policies in this regard. 
In his intervention, PAM Secretary General Amb. Piazzi, referred to his recent meeting with the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the request to PAM to assist with the implementation of Human Rights Council Resolution 35/29 adopted on 23 June 2017 in relation to establishing closer relations between OHCHR and parliamentary institutions. PAM is assisting the UN in the preparation of a study on how to promote these synergies and the effectiveness of Universal Periodic Review. This report will be presented in June 2018 at the 38th session of the Human Rights Council. 
Other speakers included Hon. Andrea Mazziotti, president of the Commission of Constitutional Affairs of the Italian Chamber of Deputies, as well as Dr. Antonio Stango, President of the Italian Federation of Human Rights, and Minister Fabrizio Petri, President of the Italian Inter-ministerial Committee for Human Rights. 
As a result of this conference, it was agreed to reinforce cooperation between the PAM 3rd Standing Committee and these institutions. 
On the margins of this conference a meeting took place with Sen. Francesco Amoruso, Head of the Italian Delegation to PAM and Eng. Alessandro Ortis, Co-Chair of the PAM Economic Panel, in order to discuss, respectively the forthcoming Italian presidency of the 5+5 West Mediterranean Dialogue Forum, and the preparations for the Parliamentary MEDCOP and the meeting on trade facilitation in the western Balkans.//
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