Profitability, social and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand

Profitability, social and environmental responsibility can go hand in hand
PAM Honorary President, Sen. Francesco Amoruso (Italy), and Hon. Yilmaz Tezcan, member of the Turkish delegation to PAM, addressed the 5th Mediterranean Convention on Shared Social Responsibility, held in Naples, Italy on 15-17 June, 2016. The event was promoted by Spazio alla Responsabilità (Space to Responsibility), an Association among the Participants at the United Nations Global Compact, with the collaboration of the Mediterranean Permanent Forum for Cooperation on Social Responsibility – CSRMed Forum. The PAM delegation also included Senator Aurel-Horea Soporan, Member of the Senate of Romania.
The event in Italy promoted the culture of Social Responsibility as a governance model -in public and private, profit and non-profit organizations in order to reconcile economic, social and environmental sustainability. The main themes of the 5th Edition centred on Social Responsibility in the Mediterranean: sustainable development cooperation and good practices for Human Rights and Environment.

In their respective interventions both PAM representatives recalled that Sustainable Development, human rights and environment represent priorities for the Assembly, which has tackled these issues from several angles. PAM considers that it is possible for an economic system to be profitable, while still being socially and environmentally responsible. 
Despite the current economic progress that is being experiencing, the world, and particularly the Euro-Mediterranean region, still faces many serious challenges.
In this regards, the Assembly has been committed since its establishment to protect and promote human rights, by dedicating its 3rd Standing Committee to “Dialogue among Civilizations and Human Rights”, and by setting up three Special Task Forces, on “Gender and Equality Issues”, “Mi
gration” and “Religious Freedom and Dialogue of Cultures”.
PAM’s strong commitment has resulted in a series of reports and resolutions, as well as conferences and seminars, organised in cooperation with the UN specialized agencies, the Council of Europe, the European Union, and other inter-parliamentary bodies, as valuable opportunities to share expertise and common practices among member countries and respond adequately to the current challenges and human related issues.
As part of a cycle of dedicated events, PAM will organize, next autumn, in Morocco, a high-level international parliamentary conference in collaboration with the World Trade Organization. Facilitating trade and supporting investments means stimulate employment and economic growth in general.//
issued on 20.06.2017
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