Security Council recently adopted Heritage Resolution calls for legislative instruments by national Parliaments

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) welcomes the unanimous adoption, on 24 March 2017 by the 15 members of the Security Council of the United Nations, of Resolution 2347 (2017) deploring the unlawful destruction and pillage of cultural heritage, religious sites and artefacts, and the smuggling of cultural property by terrorist groups during armed conflict. The resolution was presented by France and Italy. 
The Resolution invites the United Nations and all other relevant organizations to continue providing Member States, upon their request and based on their identified needs, with all necessary assistance. At the same time it calls upon UNESCO, UNODC, INTERPOL, WCO and all other relevant international and regional organizations, as appropriate and within their existing mandates, to assist Member States in their efforts to prevent and counter destruction and looting of and trafficking in cultural property in all forms, including at the legislative level. 
PAM was among the first regional organisations to react to the news of destruction and looting of cultural heritage sites and artefacts by Al Qaida and ISIL in Iraq and Syria, and immediately organised a serious of political and technical events where the issues were discussed and specific resolutions on the subject were adopted, among which the PAM meeting on “The Protection of World Cultural Heritage Threatened with Destruction”, 14-15 May 2015- Rabat, Morocco, which led to the adoption of the PAM “Rabat Declaration on the Protection of World Cultural Heritage Threatened with Destruction”; as well as the recent Resolution on  “Protection of Cultural Heritage”, presented by the Rapporteur Hon. Gabriela Canavilhas (Portugal), unanimously adopted on 23 February 2017 during the 11th PAM Plenary Session in Porto. On that occasion, PAM delegates in their debates and deliberations also envisaged the concept of “Cultural Genocide”.
The commitment of PAM to the protection and safeguard of the regional cultural heritage, is an ongoing process coordinated with all member parliaments and it will also feature among the main topics to be discussed at the forthcoming high–level parliamentary meeting in Rome, on 30-31 March, dealing with the “Evaluation of the implementation by national parliaments of UNSC Resolutions on Terrorism and FTFs”, where PAM will stress its commitment to continue working with the relevant UN bodies, including the Security Council, CTED, UNODC, UNESCO, ISESCO and also the special unit of the Italian Carabinieri military police dedicated to the Protection of Cultural Heritage.//
issued on 27.03.2017
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