Statement by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean on the current events in the Middle East - PAM calls for an immediate ceasefire -

Statement by the
Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean
on the current events in the Middle East

-    PAM calls for an immediate ceasefire   -

The situation of the current military confrontation between Israel and Hamas has dramatically precipitated into a dangerous exchange of deadly fire leading to a high number of casualties and wounded among the civil populations of both sides.

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean deplores and condemns, without any reservation, the escalation of military action in recent hours and days, and invites both parties to restrain and to commit with immediate effect to a ceasefire to avoid further suffering to Israeli and Palestinian families.

The long standing conflict once again has shown that international efforts and UN resolutions have not managed to make real tangible political progress over time, and the root causes of the Israeli-Palestinian differences have continued to nest in the hearts of those whose aim is to perpetrate hatred and destruction.

PAM, along with all international actors, is convinced that the Israeli and Palestinian populations are longing for a peaceful settlement in order to offer their children a brighter future in a peaceful and secure environment.  This responsibility lies with leaders and politicians. PAM fully supports the ongoing efforts by the Egyptian Government to reach a ceasefire and appreciates the sterling work by the UN Special Coordinator, Robert Serry, for having managed to broker a humanitarian truce in order to protect civilians on both sides and to give diplomacy a chance to reach a long term ceasefire and durable peace.

PAM reiterates its call to suspend all warfare actions and resume peace negotiations with a sense of goodwill and true understanding of each other’s requests and aspirations. It is the high opinion of PAM that the two State solution is and remains the best possible way forward for the peoples of Israel and Palestine to live in full respect of the dignity each population deserves.

As also requested by the UN Secretary General, who urged regional and  international partners to exert all possible influence to bring about an immediate end to the suffering and bloodshed, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean will continue to operate within its parliamentary diplomacy remit to bring together, as it has already and repeatedly done, parliamentarians from both sides, together with others from the Mediterranean region, in order to underscore not only the importance of a solution to the conflict, but also to engage into a wider debate which involves peace, security and stability at the regional level. These values are a common good, and no bombs and casualties can ever be far enough to be ignored.

Malta, 18 July 2014

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