PAM Panel on External Trade and Investments garners wider support

The Panel on External Trade and Investments in the Mediterranean, established by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean last May in Lisbon, continues to receive a positive feedback from the private sector.
CSE-Crescendo, a Strategy Advisor based in Milan, expressed its interest in the Panel, and offered to host, on 11 October, a restricted meeting in Milan to set the action plan of the Panel, the Steering Committee of which will meet in Naples, in November, hosted by the Union of Industrialist/Confindustria of Italy.
On this occasion, CSE-Crescendo will present a Study entitled: “Resources, know-how, services and initiatives to support the SME’s development in the Mediterranean countries”.
Details on the Milan meeting have been discussed at the PAM Headquarters, in Malta, by the PAM Secretary General, Dr. Sergio Piazzi, and Eng. Cesare Sacerdoti, Chief Executive Officer of CSE Crescendo, on 12 July.
“The Milan meeting represents the increasing interest of the private sector in PAM initiatives, and in the concrete commitment of Mediterranean delegates for the wellbeing and prosperity of all the peoples of the basin, in supporting the re-launch of commercial trade and investments in all the Mediterranean region”, Dr. Piazzi said.
The Milan meeting will also serve to allocate the responsibilities of the PAM Economic Panel among parliamentarians and delegates of all the Mediterranean countries in preparation of the Naples’ meeting.

ISSUED ON: 19.07.2010

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