PAM VIII Plenary Session Marseille 20 – 22 January 2014 PAM AWARDS 2013

PAM VIII Plenary Session Marseille 20 – 22 January 2014 PAM AWARDS 2013

 As from the 3nd Plenary Session held in the Principality of Monaco, following the establishment of the PAM Secretariat in Malta, the Assembly has introduced the PAM Award. The aim of this prize is to express the appreciation to those personalities and institutions that leave a mark in their particular fields of interest for the benefit of the civil society in the Mediterranean region. The PAM AWARD is a simple thank you for the achievements of those principles and goals set by theAssembly and which are common to all people of goodwill.

“Since we are in Marseille, I would like to recall that the first PAM Prize was awarded to the French Orchestra Conductor Philippe Bender. We had started with an accent on culture, where we believe that dialogue and mutual respect can offer a platform for future better relations at a national and regional level”, PAM Secretary General, Amb. Sergio Piazzi underlined in his introduction.

The Awards were presented by PAM President, H.E. Sen. Francesco Maria Amoruso (Italy) to:

Head of the delegation of the Lebanese Parliament, General Maalouf has a long and outstanding military and political career. He has served as a Minister in a number of portfolios, including Finance, Health and Industry during the so called Government of Crisis lead by MICHEL AOUN, between 1988 and 1990.
PAM is particularly active on the Syrian crisis, and the Bureau wanted to express its appreciation to Hon. Maalouf for his personal commitment and for the support and advice extended by the Lebanese Parliament to our High Level mission in Syria held in June 2013.  


The Panel on Trade and Investments in the Mediterranean is another successful PAM initiative launched a couple of years ago. Within the Panel a special Working Group is dedicated to the complex issue of energy in its widest context. PAM has worked closely with the Mediterranean Energy Regulators, and is proud that it has also contributed to the setting up of MED-TSO, the Association of Energy Transmission Operators in the region.
PAM is pleased to express its recognition to the difficult and hard work done by Med-Tso, in particular their vision in the development of the energy sector and the project for an integrated energy system in the region.
Engineer Michelangelo Celozzi from Terna, is his capacity as Secretary General received, on behalf of Med-Tso and its current president Mr. Noureddine Boutarfa, the PAM Award under the 2nd Standing Committee dedicated to Economic, Social and Environmental Cooperation.


For having inspired the Declaration of Agrigento for Peace and Friendship among the people of the Mediterranean, signed by the Italian Parliament and PAM on the occasion of the 6th Plenary Session of Palermo in 2011. The objective of the initiative is the institution of a cycle of events aimed at promoting Peace and Friendship among the Peoples of the Mediterranean, by bringing together parliamentarians and representatives of the cultural and scientific communities, as well as representatives of every religious faith and belief, and prominent members of society, so that they can exchange their experiences and diverse cultures in the pursuit of solidarity, dialogue and democracy.


The PAM Awardee for the 3rd Standiing Committee is Ms Isodora Zebeljan, composer, pianist and conductor from Serbia. She has been highly acclaimed for her achievements in many countries, particularly in the Mediterranean region. Her nomination was proposed by the Parliament of Serbia. The award was received by Hon. Gorica Mojovic, member of the Serbian Parliament Delegation to PAM.

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the PAM Secretary General declared open the nominations for the PAM Awards 2014 are encouraged the PAM national delegations to nominate prospective candidates from all walks of live, as long as they represent the ideals of the Assembly, namely peace and prosperity for our citizens.//

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