PAM – the regional platform where the North and South of the Mediterranean contribute on an equal footing to promote their common interests

PAM – the regional platform where the North and South of the Mediterranean contribute on an equal footing to promote their common interests

  The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean(PAM) is participating at the International Symposium on 'Political reforms in Algeria - Processes and Objectives", being held in Algiers on 10-11 June, 2013, and organised by the Algerian National People’s Assembly.

PAM is represented by the Secretary General, Amb. Sergio Piazzi. In his keynote speech, PAM Secretary General focused on PAM's support to democratic reforms in North Africa and the Middle East. He also acknowledged and emphasized the key role of the Algerian Parliament’s contribution to PAM’s efforts in promoting stability and security in the Mediterranean, particularly in this difficult period of crisis and conflict.

In the context of the political changes taking place in North Africa and the Middle East, Dr. Piazzi underlined how PAM has demonstrated its ability to provide immediate support to the aspirations of the peoples of the region. The process of constitutional reform and institutional capacity building underway in Tunisia and Libya, as well as in Bosnia and Herzegovina, are priority issues for the Assembly. PAM is working in close coordination with the appropriate services and representatives of the Tunisian National Constituent Assembly, the Libyan National General Congress, the Presidents of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the UN, the OSCE and other international organisations. PAM also ensures compliance with international standards for elections and to this end a high-level delegation participated in the international observation mission  for the elections in Jordan, held last January 23, and expressed a positive opinion on their outcome.

With reference to the conflict in Syria, PAM Secretary General highlighted PAM’s role in the context of parliamentary diplomacy to end the civil war in Syria.  At the request of the UN, PAM is in contact with Syrian parliamentarians, who are constantly asked to assume their responsibilities vis-à-vis their people, in facilitating the delivery of humanitarian assistance and in strengthening measures to protect the civilian population. “In a few days, a high-level PAM delegation will visit Damascus for further discussions on these humanitarian issues”, Dr. Piazzi announced.

In his intervention PAM Secretary General stressed the fact that the implementation of democratic political reforms, such as those implemented by Algeria, must necessarily be based on a balanced and sustainable economic development. This was one of the main conclusions of the Joint Inter-Governmental Conference, organized by UNECE in cooperation with UNCTAD and PAM’s Panel on Trade and Investment in the Mediterranean held in Geneva at the end of May. //

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