5+5 Dialogue Parliaments from PAM meet today in Nouakchott

The 4th High Level Meeting of the Parliaments of the Western Mediterranean Forum, within the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM), will meet today in Nouakchott, at the invitation of the Parliament of Mauritania. PAM represents the parliamentary dimension of the 5+5 Dialogue.

The meeting is being held on the eve of the Conference of the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the Western Mediterranean (5+5) Dialogue member states, namely Algeria, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Tunisia, and, France, Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain.

On this occasion, MPs from the West Mediterranean region will discuss and exchange views on the current situation in the region and the priorities of the parliamentary dimension of the 5+5 Process for the biennium 2013-2014. The themes proposed for discussion cover the Political Dialogue and Regional Security, and the Economic Development and Social Challenges. The agenda includes, among others, the situation in Syria, developments in Mali and the Sahel, Job creation, Support to the SMEs, Trade facilitation, Migration, Education and Youth.

At the end of the High Level Meeting, the Parliaments will adopt a Declaration which will be presented with a series of recommendations to the Foreign Affairs Ministers’ Meeting.

Issued on: 15.04.2013

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