PAM renews commitment to migration issues and the fight against organised crime

With reference to the recent Italian police forces raid and the arrest of a number of persons allegedly responsible for the illegal immigration/human trafficking of Somali nationals, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean would like to state that the reference made by the Italian language media to the PAM acronym, refers exclusively to the translation into Italian, ‘Programma alimentare mondiale’, of the World Food Programme Agency (WFP), and therefore there is no connection whatsoever to the Assembly.
PAM would like to take this opportunity to reaffirm its commitment to the immigration and human trafficking issues and the fight against international organized crime, as highlighted in a number of reports and resolutions prepared by the Italian MP, Hon. Angela Napoli, and unanimously adopted at several Plenary Sessions of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean.      



ISSUED ON 17.01.2013

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