Statement by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean on the escalation of violence across the border between Gaza and Israel

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean reiterates its full condemnation of the escalation of armed hostilities across the border between Israel and Gaza, and invites all parties to abide, first and foremost, to the principle of protection of civilians and innocent citizens on both sides, and to avoid any hard-line positions that will inevitably lead to  further intensification of violence.

 The Israeli-Palestinian conflict will not be resolved with armaments, which for decades have only caused sufferings and more resentments between the two populations.

PAM appeals to both sides to immediately refrain from any attack and retaliation, and commit themselves to avoid any form of confrontation and to offer to the international community the real opportunity to assist Israelis and Palestinians to work towards the two State solution, which has garnered the widest support and which will give dignity and integrity to both peoples.

PAM reminds that whatever action and initiative the international institutions propose, it is the Israelis and the Palestinians themselves who have to be the first to believe and act towards the achievement of the suggested direction for a peaceful coexistence.


Malta, 16 November 2012


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