Message by PAM on the occasion of the WORLD REFUGEE DAY 2012

On the occasion of the United Nations World Refugee Day, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean calls upon all Parliaments of member and observer states, and partner organisations, to further work on the legislative framework aimed at ensuring the highest standards of assistance, in all its forms, and the application of  international laws on human rights, to those women, men and children who are forced to flee their homeland under threat of persecution, conflict and violence.
PAM continues to promote the exchange of best practices among PAM countries, which are either countries of origin, of transit or of destination, and encourages information sharing with other regional parliaments and international organizations involved in this area.
Forced migration and the Refugee status have always been one of the key priority areas of PAM, and will continue to receive the highest level of attention in consideration of the respect every person deserves, especially when in need and eradicated from its roots.
Malta, 20 June 2012
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