Energy fundamental and critical for its interconnections with other sensitive issues in the Mediterranean region

Energy fundamental and critical for its interconnections with other sensitive issues in the Mediterranean region
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) was among the major institutions addressing the conference on “Multilateral cooperation for the integration of the Mediterranean electricity systems”, organised by the Mediterranean Transmission System Operators (Med-TSO) Association,  held today (4 May, 2012) in Rome, Italy.
PAM was represented by the Secretary General, Amb. Sergio Piazzi, who made his intervention during the session dedicated to the relations between Med-TSO and the Institutions and what the expectations of the international community are.
In his speech Dr. Piazzi reiterated the commitment of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) in the energy sector, and referred to its efforts to increase international and regional cooperation and integration in this key area.
With reference to the establishment and the operational agenda of the PAM Panel on External Trade and Investments in the Mediterranean, of which the energy sector represents a key factor in this process, the PAM Secretary General recalled the first operational meeting of the Energy Group. This was the organization of the Conference entitled “Mediterranean Energy Highways: an urgent need”.
“Med-TSO was launched on this occasion and we are proud of being witness to the establishment of this institution, with whom we intend to closely cooperate”, Dr. Piazzi said. He also thanked both MEDREG and Terna for their support to PAM’s initiatives in the energy sector.
“We want more connections between the two shores of the Mediterranean, and our parliamentarians have already expressed their full support to initiatives such as Med-TSO. Over the years, we have established a very fruitful cooperation with MEDREG, the first international institution to receive the Observer status to our Assembly, and I believe that Med-TSO has to, and will, play a key role in the region”, PAM Secretary General added.
Dr. Piazzi also referred to the forthcoming  meeting in Lisbon, Portugal, on 29 June, of the PAM Panel Financial Group, which is being organized with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the Portuguese Parliament. Of the topics for the four sessions of the Conference, one of them will also specifically deal with energy, with a particular focus on infrastructure.

“Energy is fundamental and critical for its numerous interconnections with other sensitive issues, such as regional stability and security. We cannot imagine a stable and peaceful region without the development of a legal and institutional framework to protect and guide the interests of the Mediterranean region, and participate in the design of future markets. Med-TSO and MEDREG, two partners of PAM, have our total support in their activities to reach this ambitious but necessary objective”, concluded the PAM Secretary General.



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