PAM President on the Fatah and Hamas agreement on Palestinian Interim Government

PAM President on the Fatah and Hamas agreement on Palestinian Interim Government
The President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, H.E. Senator Dr. Fayez Al-Tarawneh, on behalf of the Assembly, expresses his satisfaction on the Fatah-Hamas agreement reached by the Palestinian Authority President H.E. Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas Leader, Kahed Meshaal.
The establishment of a Palestinian Interim Unity Government, following talks in Qatar over the reconciliation deal reached in April 2011, is a positive leap towards the future well-being of all the Palestinians.
The unity of the Palestinian political parties, the line-up of a representative government and the holding of elections in Gaza and the West Bank later this year, will also facilitate the efforts by the International community, inter alias, The Middle East Quartet, to explore further initiatives leading to a lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
PAM will continue to assist and support as required, through its parliamentary diplomacy instruments, all activities that will strengthen stability, security and peace in the region, and is at the disposal of all parties, as a platform for dialogue and solution oriented proposals.
Malta, 6 February 2012
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