Sub-regional initiatives – essential to Mediterranean development

Sub-regional initiatives – essential to Mediterranean development
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) and the Province of Chieti, Italy, will be organizing in the first semester of 2012 a Seminar dedicated to development among states and regions in the Adriatic Sea Area, including other stakeholders having an interest in this part of the Mediterranean.
This initiative was discussed during a meeting held in Chieti, between PAM Secretary General, Dr Sergio Piazzi and the President of the Province of Chieti, Mr. Enrico di Giuseppantonio.
The objective of the Seminar is to emphasize the need to launch a new series of projects and investment programmes involving public-private partnerships between Italy and the West Balkans.  
Among the first possible ideas being considered to pave the way for further exchanges in the region, there is the ‘International Mediterranean Exhibition of  Flavours and Food’, promoted by CSE-Crescendo, the Milan based Business Strategy Advisors and members of the PAM Panel Steering Committee, which also organised the meeting between PAM and the Province of Chieti. Discussions also focused on other economic areas, such as transport and logistics.
‘PAM has consolidated its role as a prime mover in the economic and financial sector during 2011, through its Panel on External Trade and Investments in the Mediterranean, and this momentum can only be further sustained and increased through a wider collaborative framework with more public and private stakeholders’, PAM Secretary General explained.
PAM is well aware of the particularly delicate political, social and economic times being experienced by its member states, from both sides of the Mediterranean shores, and is therefore further committed to safeguard and support the democratic values which are at the base of parliamentary representation, and thus of the main stakeholders of any development process, that is the citizens of every single country of the Mediterranean region.
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