Austrian Ambassador to Malta visits PAM Secretariat

Austrian Ambassador to Malta visits PAM Secretariat
The Austrian Ambassador to Malta, H.E. Petra Maria Schneebauer, paid a courtesy call on the Secretary General of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, Dr. Sergio Piazzi, on 8 November, 2011.
Dr. Schneebauer and Dr. Piazzi discussed current issues of common interest to both Austria and the Mediterranean states, focusing mainly on the changes taking place in some PAM member countries on the Southern shores of the region, as well as, the economic difficulties countries along the northern shores of the Mediterranean are facing.
“We are particularly watchful to the economic issues of our member states and we are dealing with this aspect through the PAM Panel on External Trade and Investments in the Mediterraean. Energy will be at the centre of our next high-level meeting to be held in Naples, Italy on the 17 November”, Dr. Piazzi said.
On her part Amb. Schneebauer, expressed her full support to the upcoming Malta Conference on the Constitutional Changes in Bosnia & Herzegovina, and promised her assistance in facilitating the participation and contribution of Austrian constitutional expertise in the forthcoming meeting hosted by the Maltese Parliament. She congratulated PAM for the successful outcome of the VI Plenary Session held in Palermo. She also showed her appreciation for the daily press review compiled by the PAM Secretariat, which is an important tool for diplomatic missions to follow current events in the region.
PAM holds regular meetings with Head of Missions represented in Malta, in Geneva and New York, in order to update them on the activities of the Assembly and to consolidate the relations with all those countries interested in and committed to peace, stability and security in the Mediterranean.
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