Statement attributable to the Spokesperson for the UN Secretary-General on incidents in the Middle East

The Secretary-General has closely followed today’s very serious incidents along the Blue Line between Israel and Lebanon, and in the occupied Golan following the breach of the disengagement line from the Syrian side. He has also been following clashes in the occupied Palestinian territory. The Secretary-General is deeply concerned that a significant number of people have been killed or injured. He calls on all concerned to show restraint and refrain from provocations so as to prevent escalation of tensions and ensure civilians are not killed or injured. The Secretary-General calls for calm throughout the region and utmost responsibility from all concerned. The Secretary-General is acutely conscious of the unsustainable status quo in the Arab-Israeli conflict, which is only thrown into sharper relief by the profound political changes now under way in the region. He reiterates the urgent need for a just, lasting and comprehensive Arab-Israeli peace, which ensures dignity and security for all, including an end to occupation, an end to conflict, and a just and agreed solution to the plight of Palestinian refugees. The Secretary-General calls for a renewed and sustained effort to resume Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and advance the broader goal of a comprehensive regional peace in the Middle East.

New York, 15 May 2011

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