Speaker of the Malta House of Representatives at PAM Headquarters

The new Speaker of the Maltese Parliament the Hon. Dr Louis Galea paid an official visit to the
PAM Headquarters hosted at Palazzo Spinola in St Julians.
Dr Galea was shown around the premises from where the Secretariat coordinates the activities of
the Parliamentary Assembly, the Bureau and the Standing Committees.
The Speaker also had an hour long meeting with Dr Sergio Piazzi, Pam’s Secretary General. Dr
Piazzi illustrated the work done so far by PAM and briefed Dr Galea about the various debates
taking place within the Committees, Task Forces and Ad Hoc workgroups which are dealing
with different topics and issues of particular interest to the Mediterranean region. Dr Piazzi
thanked Dr Galea for his visit and expressed his appreciation for the support and assistance that
the Office of the Speaker and the Maltese Government extended towards the setting up of the
Secretariat. He also briefed Dr Galea on the way the facilities at Palazzo Spinola are being
utilised in these activities. Dr Galea was accompanied by Mr Joe Mangion, Diplomatic Officer at
the Speaker’s Office.
The new speaker of the Maltese Parliament expressed his full and continued support to the PAM,
saying that parliamentary diplomacy in the Mediterranean has an important role to play in that
PAM stresses the concept of participation on an equal footing for all. A horizontal organisation
within such a diverse region is extremely important for the development of solid and long lasting
relationships between all littoral countries and their populations.
Dr Piazzi confirmed that the Secretariat is culturally structured and committed to satisfy this
underlying principle and that all Member States have shown their appreciation towards the
dynamism and the efforts done to fulfil th sPAM’ mission thus contributing towards the security,
stability and prosperity of the Mediterranean.

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