PAM : A platform giving the same voice to all the Mediterranean people

H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco has today officially inaugurated the proceedings of the 3rd Plenary Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean which is being held in the Principality of Monaco between today and the 15th of November.
In his opening address Prince Albert highlighted the reciprocal importance of the Mediterranean and Monaco and stressed the role that the Principality plays in the support and development of major issues of common concern such as sustainable development, and the environment. He reminded that neutrality for Monaco is an important aspect when one considers the conflicts that there are in the region.
Stéphane Valeri, President of the National Council of Monaco in his introductory speech recalled that understanding the Mediterranean helps to understand the region with all its uncertainties and hopes. Parliamentarians have an important role for the promotion of justice and peace and in this sense parliamentary diplomacy is complimentary and a close partner of governmental diplomacy. He added that the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean offers the platform for a different and enriched dialogue which goes beyond the traditional cleavage between the North and the South.
He concluded that PAM’s force is that it gives to all the people of the Mediterranean the same voice.
PAM President, Abdelwahed Radi in his address to the Assembly underlined the need to continue to work in favour of closer political, economic, cultural and social cooperation. “The organisation must continue to develop on the basis of our common will to promote development strategies and a coherent, fair and global reaction to the region’s requirements”, said PAM’s President.
Mr Radi said that notwithstanding the efforts of the governments and those of the European Union, the Euro-mediterranean political process is well behind when compared to the historical and traditional common characteristics that link the Mediterranean people.
There are a number of complex situations, conflicts and divisions in the region starting from the Israelo-palestinian conflict, the global food crisis and the financial crisis. To counter these situations it is necessary to combat terrorism and organised crime and find the means to find a durable prosperity for all the region’s societies, and sustain dialogue between cultures and religions. This can also be achieved through a strong collaboration with all those actors who are active in the region offering an effective platform and by working together.
Mr Radi concluded that the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean is strongly investing in this thanks to the support of all the members.
This Plenary session represents a historical moment since PAM will today be launching two important initiatives, the Charter of the Mediterranean, the political manifesto for the coming years, and the Day of the Mediterranean to be held every year on 21 March.

ISSUED ON: 14.11.2008

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