Maltese MPs meet Secretary General

The newly appointed delegation of the Maltese parliament to the PAM paid an official visit to
the Headquarters of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean at Palazzo Spinola in St.
Julains, Malta. The delegation is made up of MPs Jesmond Mugliett, Louis Deguara, Franco
Debono, Stephen Spiteri, George Vella, Michael Falzon, Justine Caruana.
The Maltese MPs met the Secretary General, Sergio Piazzi, who briefed them on the programme
of activities that the Secretariat has organised since it was set up in Malta in September 2007. Mr
Piazzi also underscored the unique role that the PAM is playing and is bound to consolidate as a
platform where all Mediterranean countries, both from the North and the South of the region,
participate and contribute on an equal footing. “ This gives the PAM the strength to forge long
term inter-parliamentary cooperation which is the direct expression of the people’s will” said Mr
The PAM represents over 400 million people and is in itself a forum were goodwill can lead to
further achievements towards peace and stability in the region.
The head of the delegation, Jesmond Mugliett, in the light of the launching of the Union of the
Mediterranean, asked how this development would position the PAM in relation to the Union
and the Euromediterranean Parliamentary Assembly. Ambassador Alfred Zarb, who has been
involved in initiatives and processes concerning the Mediterranean, explained that the PAM is
made up exclusively of the Mediterranean countries, which means that they have taken
ownership of their region and are willing to discuss it as they themselves are the major actors in
the Mediterranean theatre. Dr Piazzi added that any initiative which can add to the process of
peace, stability and well being of the nations and their populations in the Mediterranean is
always welcome and there can only be positive synergies between government led projects and
parliamentary diplomacy at its best.
Finally Mr Piazzi invited the new members of the Maltese delegation to join other
parliamentarians and sit in the Committees and workgroups which constitute the backbone of the
work carried out by the Assembly and where they can actively give their valid contribution.

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