PAM’s President attends Paris Summit on Union for the Mediterranean

The President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, Minister of Justice of
Morocco, the Hon. Abdelwahid Radi has been invited by French President Nicholas Sarkozy to
represent the Assembly at the Summit in Paris, which will discuss on Sunday 13th July the setting
up the Union for the Mediterranean.
The invitation to PAM’s President was extended in view of the role that the Assembly is playing
in the region through its proactive approach in tackling the various issues emerging in the
Mediterranean, such as migration, climate change, enviroment, energy, dialogue among cultures
and religions and the peace process in the Middle East.
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, through its Permanent Committees’ meetings,
is serving as a regional platform for an open inter-parliamentary dialogue which is addressing
common interests and shared concerns of member states.
The PAM, a forum which brings together the parliaments of all the countries of the
Mediterranean basin on an equal footing and which was specifically created for this purpose, is
committed to foster and enhance further confidence between the Mediterranean States so as to
ensure regional security and stability, and to promote peace and the wellbeing of the peoples of
the Mediterranean region.

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Issued on 11.07.2008

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