STATEMENT - PAM declaration following Alexandria Blast

Hon. Mohammed Abou El-Enein, President of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean, has expressed, on behalf of the Assembly, the strongest condemnation for the bomb attack against the al Qiddiseen Church in the city of Alexandria in Egypt, in which innocent people have died and others were seriously wounded.
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean conveys its condolences to the President of Egypt, its people and to the families of the victims. The Assembly reiterates its commitment in support of the fundamental principle of freedom of religion for every citizen and community in the Mediterranean region and regrets that there are still terrorist elements whose objective is to create division, while the majority is working for peace and prosperity for all peoples.
PAM also welcomes the strong statement of condemnation by the President of the Republic of Egypt, H.E. Hosni Mubarak, who has pledged that every possible action will be taken, in order to bring to justice those responsible of this criminal attack. PAM will fully support, through the instrument of Parliamentary Diplomacy, all efforts by the Egyptian Authorities leading to a solution of the case in the shortest of time.
The Assembly calls upon the international community to stand united in the face of any form of terrorism, for a global society free of violence in which security ,peace and prosperity prevail.
Mohammed Mohammed Abou El-Enein
PAM President
St. Julians, Malta 01.01.2011

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