PAM and EMUNI University define targets for future cooperation

PAM and EMUNI University define targets for future cooperation

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) and EMUNI University have discussed future cooperation in the academic field on topics of interest to the Mediterranean region. PAM Secretary General, Dr. Sergio Piazzi and EMUNI President, Dr. Joseph Mifsud, have recently met at the PAM Secretariat Headquarters in Malta. The meeting was also attended by Hon. Jesmond Mugliett, Head of the Maltese Parliament Delegation to PAM.
Several issues were touched upon, and the two Bodies have agreed on a number of initiatives that can benefit students from around the region. “The PAM Headquarters is an ideal meeting point where a number of courses and seminars can be held in support of intercultural dialogue in the Mediterranean. PAM, through its Assembly, gathers the representatives of all the citizens of the member states, and is therefore of a focal point for any effort that supports peace, stability and security in the region”, Dr. Piazzi said.
PAM will host, at its facilities in Malta, language courses and cultural seminars, that will be organised in collaboration with the EMUNI University. A tentative programme is already in hand and the first event is expected to take place by the end of the year.
EMUNI President also expressed his gratitude to PAM, for the offer of assistance and technical advice, that both the Secretariat and the Assembly members are ready to give, in areas such as civil protection and business development, to the team that is currently preparing the EU ENPI postgraduate programmes for the EMUNI University.
PAM Secretary General also took the opportunity to invite EMUNI to become an Observer to the Assembly, a request which EMUNI has agreed to formally submit by the end of the year.
This meeting at PAM HQ in Malta, took place as a follow up to the joint PAM Parliamentarians and EMUNI University Rectors ‘Conference on Higher Education and the role of Universities in supporting PAM strategies throughout the Mediterranean’ held in collaboration with the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia in April 2010.

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