PAM attends PABSEC General Assembly in Bucharest

Hon. Askin Asan, Head of the Turkish Delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean (PAM) and Rapporteur on Terrorism and on Gender and Equality Issues, addressed the 33rd General Assembly of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation (PABSEC) on 12 June in Bucharest, Romania. PAM and PABSEC last year finalized the mutual exchange of Observer Status. Hon. Asan’s presence at the Bucharest meeting also served to formalize this process. She also expressed her satisfaction at seeing a young woman presiding over PABSEC.
Hon. Asan presented an overview of PAM’s history, structure and goals, stating that “PAM’s main objectives are to find common solutions to today’s challenges and work towards a peaceful and prosperous region for all.”
The focus of the debate within which Hon. Asan participated was the role of parliamentarians in dealing with the current economic and financial crisis. She described what PAM has done in this area, particularly through its Special Task Force on Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, wherein PAM MPs discussed the specific role of SMEs as growth engines in the region.
She closed by stressing that complementarity and cooperation between PABSEC and PAM is of great importance. Many members of PABSEC are also members of PAM, and both organizations serve to bring together the countries of their respective seas. “While we all agree on the importance of a globalized world, this can only happen if we strengthen our regional realities and give people their space within their respective environments, which can then serve as a platform for them to look beyond their local environment towards a more global dimension,” Hon. Asan said.
Next week in Lisbon, Hon Asan will present her reports and resolutions for endorsement by the respective Standing Committees. During the meetings hosted by the Portuguese Parliament, reports and resolutions on other key current regional and international issues of concern will be endorsed and then presented for adoption at the forthcoming October Plenary Session in Istanbul.

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