PAM contributes to the 143rd Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Madrid

PAM contributes to the 143rd Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Madrid

A high-level PAM delegation attended and contributed to the works of the 143rd Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Madrid. PAM was represented by President Hon. Gennaro Migliore (Italy), Hon, Karim Darwish (Egypt), Hon. Pedro Roque, (Portugal), Hon Belal Qasem (Palestine), and Amb. Sergio Piazzi.

In his address at the General Debate on Contemporary Challenges to Democracy overcoming Division and Building Community, Hon. Migliore highlighted three major challenges identified by PAM.

The First Challenge is about political division and the lack of security resulting from it. The Euro-Mediterranean and Gulf regions are witnessing numerous crises and tensions, Hon. Migliore said “At PAM, we attempt to provide a platform for political dialogue, sharing informed reports and promoting cooperation to support peace and reconciliation processes in our region.”

President Migliore continued about the second challenge, stating that PAM regions have to face economic uncertainty, while promoting long-term sustainability of national and regional economies. To overcome this, he stressed that PAM is actively “working at supporting our Parliaments in their economic recovery efforts, by sharing best legislative practices across regions through frequent exchanges with the WB and other relevant institutions”.

The last but not least of the challenges facing the PAM regions is the cultural one. PAM is very concerned about cultural and societal dilemmas, and it actively promotes Intercultural and Interfaith dialogue, Education, Environment, Human rights. 

Among its activities to promote these principles and ideals, a few days ago, on 18 November 2021, on the occasion of the PAM Prize Ceremony, PAM awarded the Ministers of Interior of eight countries from its regions for their initiatives into fighting domestic violence. 

He added that next year, on 21 March 2022, PAM member states will also celebrate the 14th edition of the “Day of the Mediterranean” with a contest for children dedicated to “The work of our parliamentarians to protect our Planet and our homes”. In 2022, PAM will also hold its first Women Parliamentary Forum, hosted by Portugal, to give momentum to women political leadership in the Euro-Mediterranean and Gulf region.

In Madrid, Hon. Migliore, in recognition of his experience and commitment to peace and security, was also elected as the new President of the IPU Middle East Committee.

















This IPU Assembly was also the occasion for PAM delegates to hold a number of bilateral meetings and consultations. Among others, an important meeting took place with the Presidents of the two branches of the Parliament of Morocco in order to review regional priorities and ensure effective cooperation and joint initiatives with the incoming Moroccan Presidency of the UfM PA. 










The IPU conference also represented an excellent opportunity to strengthen PAM bilateral relations with the members and officials of the Spanish Parliament. In this regard, PAM delegates held an extremely useful meeting with Hon. Pau Mari Klose, Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Chamber of Deputies of Spain, to discuss the future cooperation.//











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