At OSCE Mediterranean Conference, PAM shares strategies on fighting the evolving threat of transnational crime

At OSCE Mediterranean Conference, PAM shares strategies on fighting the evolving threat of transnational crime

Austria, 12 and 13 October 2021- PAM contributed to the OSCE Mediterranean Conference which was held in Vienna in a hybrid format, under the theme: “Road to resilience: Post-pandemic recovery and security in the OSCE and Mediterranean regions.’’ The conference, chaired by Poland, brought together over 250 participants, including Ministers and high-level representatives of Mediterranean and OSCE participating States, civil society and international organizations. 

The event started with a high-level political segment addressing “Security and co-operation in the Mediterranean in light of the COVID-19 pandemic”. It was followed by thematic sessions, tackling specific aspects, including promoting sustainable and “green” recovery, fighting pandemic-related transnational organized crime, and combating human trafficking in labour markets affected by the pandemic.

Representing PAM at this event, Hon. Tijana Davidovac (Serbia), addressed the 1st session dedicated to exchange of expertise on the latest trends in the evolution of organized transnational crime in the pandemic context. Hon. Davidovic brough a legislative perspective to the discussion. She underlined: “our national legal frameworks must be harmonized among each other, in order to facilitate practical and technical international cooperation between law enforcement, judiciary and prosecution to track, capture and convict criminals across borders.”

Hon. Davidovac highlighted the Assembly’s persistent efforts to promote comprehensive legislative packages: “PAM is looking at examining the implementation of the provisions of the Palermo Convention in national legislations, two decades after it came in effect, as well as to see how those legislative frameworks must be updated to reflect the evolving nature of transnational crime, in view of factors such as the rapid technological advancement.”

Hon. Davidovac announced that PAM is planning a series of meetings in 2022,  tentatively in Monaco and Naples, in cooperation with UNODC and other key actors, to bring together prosecutors, judges and legislators from the Euro-Mediterranean and Gulf regions to identify any gaps that have yet to be bridged in the legislative implementation of the Palermo Convention, or new ones that have emerged due to technological progress and the ongoing pandemic.//


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Issued on: 13/10/2021


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