PAM President addresses the World Green Economy Summit at the Dubai Expo

PAM President addresses the World Green Economy Summit at the Dubai Expo

On 6 and 7 October 2021, PAM President Hon. Gennaro Migliore participated in the 7th World Green Economy Summit (WGES) in Dubai, with the theme “Galvanising action for a sustainable recovery”. The event was organized by Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and the World Green Economy Organization (WGEO), in partnership with the United Nations. The event featured high-profile speakers, including heads of governments, ministers, policy-makers, and senior officials from the government, representatives from the private sector and civil society.

President Migliore featured as a panelist in the session dedicated to “The Coming Green Infrastructure Boom”. Speaking alongside private sector CEOs and senior policy-makers, the President brought the parliamentary dimension to the discussion. He highlighted that businesses and legislators must work together to create an environment where policies incentivize and support the green energy transition. He presented his vision for the Euro-Mediterranean and Gulf Regions to create a common community among states around renewable energy, as these resources are abundant in this geographical area. He emphasized that cooperation on green energy can serve as a catalyst to bring both prosperity and stability to the region. 

The event also served as an excellent opportunity to meet with global leaders and decision makers to exchange views on the future of building a common green economy, including with former French President, Francois Hollande. 

Moreover, during a bilateral discussion with UAE Minister for Youth H.E. Shamma Al Mazrui, it was highlighted that the young generation are the primary stakeholders in the climatic future of our planet, and that it is critical that they are at the heart of the solutions to global warming already today. 

PAM contribution to the Summit comes weeks before the COP26 conference in Glasgow, where PAM will bring the collective voice of the Parliaments of the Euro-Mediterranean and Gulf regions, and renew its commitment to work at the legislative level to ensure that PAM countries implement the commitments of the Paris Agreement. 

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