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The Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean is the principal forum where the national Parliaments of the Euro-Mediterranean region deliberate to reach those strategic objectives towards the creation of the best political, social, economic and cultural environment and conditions for the fellow citizens of the member states.

PAM is an international organization, an Observer at the General Assembly of the United Nations, with a specific international juridical status. The Assembly plays a fundamental role as the inter-parliamentary organization whose activities are firmly rooted as the instrument of parliamentary diplomacy also to support the work of other international bodies entrusted with the responsibility to foster security, stability and peace in the Euro-Mediterranean region.

Over the years, PAM has established itself as the main actor of parliamentary diplomacy in the Euro-Mediterranean region, and its commitment to the founding principles and its Charter, is guaranteed by the continued support of all its member parliaments.

Through PAM, political dialogue and understanding between its Member States and their citizens, is strengthened and this is achieved, notably, by:

Fostering and building confidence among
Euro-Mediterranean States;
Guaranteeing regional security, stability and promoting peace;
Consolidating the endeavours of
Euro-Mediterranean States;
Presenting opinions and recommendations to national parliaments and governments, regional organizations and international fora.

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