MEDREG and PAM sign Cooperation Protocol

Supporting the progressive opening and integration of Mediterranean energy markets, creating an attractive investment framework for energy generation and infrastructure in the region, and empowering energy consumers through the development of targeted policies are the main objectives shared by PAM (Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean) and MEDREG (Association of Mediterranean Energy Regulators).

Today, Dr. Hafez  El- Salmawy, President of MEDREG, and Amb. Sergio Piazzi, PAM Secretary General, signed a Cooperation Protocol to enhance the bilateral collaboration between the two organizations.

The Parties intend to develop common activities and deepen institutional relations with the scope to facilitate the work of national Parliaments in designing energy laws, most notably regarding the competences of Energy Regulators and the liberalization of energy markets. The promotion of the public and institutional role of Energy Regulators to national Governments, and the identification of joint studies, initiatives and capacity-building activities of interest for the members of both organizations are also part of the protocol.

Moreover, concerning the promotion of the Mediterranean energy cooperation, both organizations agree to facilitate, as already done for the electricity sector, the creation of a network of Mediterranean Transmission System Operators for Gas and the establishment of regional associations of energy consumers.

MEDREG benefits from the Observer status at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean since November 2008, and was awarded the PAM Prize 2014 for its active involvement in establishing an harmonized and coordinated legal framework able to foster international regional cooperation and, particularly, in promoting integration of Mediterranean energy markets.

On the one hand, the agreement testifies the importance of energy regulation, and on the other hand underscores the value of the role of national institutions, represented by the Parliaments and Governments of the Mediterranean countries, to convey both MEDREG’s and PAM’s proposals and initiatives for an harmonized energy regulatory framework.

issued on 29.06.2015

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